Born and raised in Germany, Felix Habel arrives in Cremona in 1992 to attend violin making school with Maestros Giorgio Cé and Massimo Negroni. Even before graduating in 1996, he worked for a short period in the renowned Carlsson Cacciatori Neumann workshop in Cremona. After various brief collaborations, in 1999 he was called to teach a violin making course in Rome. The following year he moved to Abruzzo where, first in Atri and then in Pescara, he worked at the service of musicians in the construction, restoration and maintenance of stringed instruments with particular interest in applied acoustic physics studies.
The versatile luthier also likes to venture into the field of electric lutherie and has developed several
models of both electric violin and cello.
In 2021 he published the article “The Height of Perfection” in the prestigious Strad Magazine and in the same year he won the 3rd Prize at the ANLAI violin making competition in Pisogne. At the international competition “G.B. Guadagnini” in Piacenza was awarded the 1st Prize in the “antiqued violin” category.