Combining creativity and science in a “harmony of opposites”.

Welcome to my website!

In these pages I want to share my way of seeing and experiencing violin making and what I mean by the term “Lutherie 2.0”.

Many see the empirical-traditional approach and the methodical-scientific one as two opposing things, as if one were to exclude the other, but I find my personal fulfillment in uniting the two.

The ancient art of violin making has certainly been a purely empirical art, made with the tools available at that time, and to a large extent it must remain so! Violin making must not lose this human touch which, through the creative act, makes each work of art a unique piece.

But the last few decades of research in acoustic physics have provided us with new ways to observe and design how stringed instruments work. If nothing else, they give us a control method that helps us increase product quality and the degree of repeatability. The final judge will always be the musician with his sensitivity.

My intent is to promote an “enlightened” violin making without dogmas and false beliefs.

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